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Upcoming Conventions

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If you want to get tattooed by Amy Shandick, or Juan Martinez at an upcoming convention, please send an email to or with your ideas. Our tentative 2017 convention schedule is posted below. Also check to see if any of our favorite guest will be attending any of these shows.

Check out their Facebook pages below:              Artists Attending:
Minneapolis Tattoo Arts Convention                                 Amy Shandick

Star of Texas Tattoo Art Revival                                 Amy Shandick, Juan Martinez

Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention                      Amy Shandick

Cleveland Tattoo Arts Convention                           Amy Shandick

Odessa Ink Masters Tattoo Show                           Amy Shandick

Chicago Tattoo Arts Convention                       Amy Shandick, Juan Martinez

Killeen Ink Masters Tattoo Show                           Juan Martinez

Due South Tattoo Expo                                            Amy Shandick

Singapore Ink Show                                                Amy Shandick

Louisville Tattoo Arts Convention                          Amy Shandick

Milwaukee Tattoo Arts Convention                        Amy Shandick

Galveston Ink and Art Expo                               Amy Shandick, Juan Martinez 



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