Tyler Hawkinson

Guest artist Tyler Hawkinson is easily one of the happiest people we know. If you would like to book an appointment with him before his arrival, please see Amy at any consultation day, the first Wednesday of every month! . Tyler currently works at Froggie Style Ink out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. He specializes in beautiful black and gray very very large scale dotwork/mandala tattoos, and solid black work. Yes, he can do tiny blackwork tattoos as well 🙂 But mostly, just huge projects haha! Tyler prefers black over everything and his favorite scent is the outdoors. While he loves pizza, he LOVES tacos. Tyler's hidden talent is he is a musician (DJ specifically) and before tattooing he worked as a live painting performer at events. Tyler's best advise is to be patient and breathe. . Please friend and follow him at :


Facebook - thawkinson

Instagram - @tylertattoo


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