Tahiti Gil

Introducing the universally grand guest artist Tahiti Gil Taimana. To book with him in advance, please see Amy at any of our consultation days (the first Wednesday of each month) Tahiti Gil has been tattooing since 1992 and is currently the owner of the oldest tattoo shop on the west coast, Tahiti Felix's Master Tattoo as well as numerous guest spots and conventions around the world. Gil is among the world's best pin-up tattoo artist and is currently coming out with his 5th installment of American Traditional Pin-Up Art Book. Gil adores all things tiki and has the keen 6th sense to find the most random tiki bar in almost every town he visits. Perpetually the tourist, he takes a wonderfully 'eyes open' view at the world around him at all times. Gil served with the U.S. Navy 1986- 1990 aboard the Battleship USS Missouri BB-63. Please friend and follow him at :


Facebook - gilthetattoer1

Facebook - mastertattoo1949

Instagram - @tahitigil 

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