Ian Bell

Introducing, Guest Piercer/Body Modification artist, the delectable Mr. Ian Bell. He isn't your average piercer, rather he is exceptionally educated and has completed 4 years in (school) majoring in BioMedicine. Ian has been professionaly piercing/body moding since 2010. He is often traveling the world, working at conventions and guest spots, expanding his experience as well as catering to his vast clientele. His quality, high end jewelry selection is beyond beautiful. His specialties include but are not limited to basic and advanced body piercing, scarification, tongue bifurcation, magnetic/silicone implantation, and earlobe enlargement/reconstruction. . He joins us from Minneapolis, MN. Ian will be joining our shop often as a frequently returning guest piercer, so please come by and discuss your piercing idea with him when he is here!! (If he isn't in shop, let us know you're interested and we will add you to our reminders list for his return) Please follow and friend him at:

Facebook - ian.bell.27

Facebook - betterdaysbodyart

Instagram - @ianmbell

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